About Us

Welcome to Paradise by the Arabian Sea – Kanaka Beach House , where hospitality meets the bay.

Nestled on the pristine shores of Kannur, Kerala, our beach resort is a sanctuary of serenity and natural beauty. With its tranquil beaches, lush coconut groves, and the soothing sound of the Arabian Sea, our resort offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, our beach resort in Kannur promises an unforgettable experience.

Facilities Available

  • WiFi Internet connection
  • Standard AC Rooms and Deluxe AC Rooms
  • Events and Party Space
  • Call taxi facility
  • Conducted tours to destinations near Kannur

Discover Your Slice of Coastal Bliss

  • Accommodation
    Indulge in the lap of luxury with our well-appointed, spacious rooms that offer breath taking views of the sea and the surrounding greenery. Each room is tastefully designed to ensure your comfort. You'll wake up to the sound of waves and the gentle caress of the sea breeze.
  • Dining
    Savour the flavours of Kerala at our on-site restaurant, where our cooks craft delectable local cuisine. From fresh seafood caught daily to traditional Kerala dishes, our menu is a gastronomic journey that will tantalize your taste buds. Dine by the sea, under the starlit sky, and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Activities
    Kannur offers a range of exciting activities for our guests. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for a swim, take a leisurely stroll along the sandy beaches, or indulge in thrilling water sports. Explore the rich cultural heritage of Kannur by visiting historical sites, temples, and traditional markets.
  • Events and Celebrations
    Planning a special event or celebration? Kanaka Beach House is the perfect setting for weddings, corporate events, and intimate gatherings. With our dedicated event planning team, we'll ensure that your special day is nothing short of spectacular.
  • Local Attractions
    Kannur is a treasure trove of cultural and natural attractions. Explore the mesmerizing Theyyam performances, visit historic forts like St. Angelo's Fort, and discover the vibrant art forms of the region. Our concierge can help you plan your excursions and ensure you make the most of your stay in Kannur.
  • Responsible Tourism
    We are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism. We actively participate in local community initiatives and take steps to minimize our environmental impact. By staying with us, you contribute to the preservation of the pristine natural beauty that surrounds our resort.
  • Contact Us
    Book your stay at the Kanaka Beach House and embark on a journey of relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration. For reservations and inquiries, please contact us through our website or call our reservations team. We can't wait to welcome you to our piece of paradise by the Arabian Sea.

Experience the beauty of Kerala in the lap of luxury. Kanaka Beach House, - Your Coastal Haven in God's Own Country.

Sri. Kalathil Kavu Family Temple

Sri Kalathil Kavu, a well known kavu(small temple) in Kerala, is situated at Alavil in Kannur District. Kerala State, India. The profound history of this temple dates back to around 500 years. Many deities are worshiped here. Sathappan, Bhairavan, Elayadath Bhgavathy, Gulikan, Guru, Puraveeran and Padaveeran Nagam are popular among them.

3 days Yearly Festival is held during Dec 31-Jan 2, every year